Donate for a Scholarship

Donate for a Scholarship

We are on a mission to FREE EDUCATION for every deserving student in this world. We have decided to achieve this goal from Home to Home, street to street, city to city & country to country. For our first adventure we have selected Shah Faisal Street number 5,Lahore, Pakistan. We make commitment to ourselves & to the world that we’ll not leave behind even single human in this street who wants to study & cannot study due to financial reasons.

Let’s start together & start the journey of that beautiful world where education is totally free. Free of restrictions & free of cost. In the way of this noble cause you are the first nobilities to receive this letter of invitation. Please be generous & donate. You can donate once; every month or annual whatever is convenient for you. You can adopt a student or just donate randomly. Nobody in the world should be left without education due to financial reasons. Globalization of education is our mission

Education & training is the basic right of every human being on this earth. All of our efforts & resources are for the needy seekers of knowledge.

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  • Adopt a student

    Adopt a student anywhere in the world and become member of PRIDE OF HUMANITY list of the world. You can select country, city of your choice, but we encourage selecting your own city & country. We offer you two routs to help

    ROUT 1

    We put you in direct contact with the deserving student or his/her parents/teacher/principal & provide you all the support.

    ROUT 2

    We provide you profile of the student & you keep in touch with EMOW throughout the whole period of funding. You will be updated regularly with the progress of he student.

    Let's Get Started

    As a full-service partner, we offer ancillary services including program branding, marketing, recipient promotion and everything in between to elevate your program to the next level.

    Tuition Assistance Programs help employers recruit and retain talented employees and support strategic talent management and learning and development initiatives. Partnering with SCHOLARSHIPS PAKISTAN to manage your tuition assistance program will help reduce your administration costs, ensure consistency in policies and procedures, and provide access to innovative practices and strategic partnerships.

    Collaborate At Every Step

    Scholarships Pakistan’ experts work with you to design and manage a tuition assistance program that meets your company’s talent development needs and goals.

    Our Promise To You

    • Provide a user-friendly web-based system with detailed reporting

    • Assign a dedicated program manager for consistent and quality administration

    • Verify employees meet eligibility requirements

    Talent Advantage Program

    Maximize your employees’ assets and your ROI through our Tuition Reduction Network, academic advising and educational alliances. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

    Why Institutions Partner With Us

    • Expertise – With over 25 years in the education assistance administration business, Scholarships Pakistan’ vast experience and knowledge is a big benefit to our clients.

    • Customer Service - 98% of our clients rate our service as good or excellent. A dedicated Program Manager is assigned to each program, because we know that developing relationships with students and clients is the key to exceeding expectations.

    • Flexibility - We customize your program to your needs — your program can change and grow as you do.

    • Technology - We offer customized web solutions to meet your needs.

    • International Capability - Our programs reach students in over 80 countries. Wherever your company extends, we have the resources to manage your program.

    SCHOLARSHIPS PAKISTAN and EMCC Forge Alliance To Expand Services

    May 15, 2013 -- Scholarships Pakistan®, the nation’s largest scholarship services provider, and EMCC, a unique tuition-reimbursement benefit that reduces employees’ and corporations’ college costs, today announce a new collaboration to improve tuition-assistance benefits. “EMCC broadens our education-assistance services by helping our clients’ employees secure as much financial aid as possible and identify affordable colleges.”

    Breaking new ground, EMCC significantly improves employees’ opportunity for advancement through more education. Its student aid advisors help employees accurately prepare the student aid application to maximize their financial aid awards

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