Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sponsor a scholarship program?

Almost anyone can sponsor a program. Our clients include companies, membership organizations, private foundations, community foundations, associations, unions, trusts and individuals. We work with all types and sizes of organizations.

How are the fees determined for managing a scholarship program?

Scholarship Management Services offers free consultations. A representative will work with you to develop a program design at no cost to you. We recognize you have unique goals for your program and we will work with you to create your customized program design. The management fee is determined when your program design is established, so you pay only for the services you need.

How long does it take to get a scholarship program up and running?

The total implementation time of a scholarship program is dependent on the criteria required to manage the program. Once the program details are finalized and approved by an organization, the implementation time is generally 4-12 weeks.

Is there a program minimum or maximum size to use your service?

No, we offer our services to very small companies who simply do not have the infrastructure to administer education assistance programs, and to very large companies who have discovered the value of using outside experts

What services do you provide for scholarship program administration? We offer:

• Application processing

• Application evaluation

• Employment verification

• Recipient selection

• Applicant notification

• Payment processing

• Renewal award processing

• Student tracking

• Day-to-day customer service

• Detailed program reporting

• Tax benefits

What elements are factored into the cost of managing a scholarship program?

There are many factors that determine the cost of managing a scholarship program, from application format and renewals to translation services and awards. Please contact us so we can discuss your program needs and estimate the cost of your program.

What is the average scholarship award amount? Although scholarships range from Rs.500 to a full ride, the average scholarship award amount for programs managed by Scholarship

Management Services is around Rs. 2,500.

What kinds of application materials does Scholarship Management Services provide?

E-applications – We can create a website with your program information and offer an online application. Applicants create an account so they can log in to complete and submit their application.

• Hosted websites – We’ll create and host a website with your program information and offer a PDF form for applicants to download and send in. Applicants cannot submit anything electronically with this option.

• PDF forms – We create and send PDF forms to you for your company to distribute or post on your website.

What is the benefit of offering renewable scholarships? Renewable scholarships can help see a student through a degree from start to finish. The cost to attend school increases as one advances in school. Often, a student drops out after his/her first two years of school because the funding to cover expenses has run out.

Most Popular Scholarships

Scholarship Country Funding Level
Fulbright Scholarship USA Fully Funded Masters/PhD
Erasmus Mundus Europe Fully Funded All
Common Wealth Scholarships Common Wealth Nations Fully Funded All
Chevening Scholarship UK Fully Funded All
CSC Scholarships China Fully Funded All
Agha Khan Scholarship Various Fully Funded Masters/PhD
Malaysian Int'l Scholarship Malaysia Fully Funded Masters/PhD
Clarendon Fund oxford UK Fully Funded Masters/PhD
e8 scholarship Anywhere Fully Funded Masters
Spanish Becas Spain Fully Funded Masters/PhD
ADB Scholarship Asia Fully Funded Masters/PhD
Islamic Development Bank Scholarship USA Fully Funded Masters/PhD
Fulbright Scholarship Anywhere Fully Funded Masters/PhD
Peace Oslo Scholarship Norway Fully Funded Masters/PhD
Reach Oxford Scholarship UK Fully Funded Masters/PhD
Ausaid Scholarship Australia Fully Funded Bachelor/Masters/PhD

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Scholarships Pakistan

Pakistani students fulfill basic applying criteria of approximately 2.1 Million scholarships available worldwide. There are more than 5000 fully funded international scholarships where only Pakistani nationals can apply. Unfortunately, 99% scholarships go unattended & Pakistani students do not apply. As a matter of fact every undergraduate or graduate student must apply for international scholarship at least once in life. Most of the scholarships are not merit based, but need & region based. Scholarships Pakistan is helping students to identify & apply for different international scholarships.

Services for Institutions

Scholarships Pakistan is a social enterprise that creates custom scholarships, tuition assistance and other education-focused programs for corporate, foundation, institutional and individual clients. We offer following FREE services to the Institutions;

• Teachers Training & Staff Development on “HOW & WHERE TO APPLY FOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS?”

• How to prepare “Personal Professional Profile”

• Awareness workshop & Seminars for the students

Along with Workshops & Seminars for the students we also offer following FREE services to the Students;

• Personal Assessment according to Scholarship

• Counseling about specific Scholarship

• Guidance on how & where to apply

We offer free seminar & workshop on” HOW & WHERE TO APPLY FOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS”

Date & venue will be set according to your convenience.

Our Help Areas for Students

Personalized Guidance

Assessment of applicant

Suitable Scholarship Search

Issuance of Eligibility to apply for Scholarship

Compatibility Report

Re – writing of Curriculum Vitae

Filling Scholarship Applications

Re – Writing Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Suggestions for Research Proposal/Synopsis

Sample Recommendation Letters (Professional & Academic)

Experience/Job Certificates

Sample Reference Letters

Schematic Relativity Coherence

Meeting deadlines

Course/Degree Relevance & pointing target groups

Help in writing Career goals

Application’s presentation upliftment

Help in Applying for admissions to the universities

Visa File preparation

Visa Interview preparation

Travel arrangements

Pre – departure briefings

Post – arrival orientations

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